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Jen and Andrea - Morning Trail Aspen Painting
Here’s the story of how “Morning Trail” ended up in the Thurman Family’s piano room.
Blake and Andrea (and their 4 children) are all lovers of the outdoors. They are avid joggers, hikers, and enjoy being out in nature. There is a special spot near Jackson Hole that they love to visit as a family. Overlooking their cabin in Grover, Wyoming, is a beautiful mountain range known as Twin Peaks. 

Andrea has loved my art for many years. She taught piano lessons to my youngest every week and would see me working on paintings in my studio. She would usually visit for a few minutes after each lesson. 

And since she LOVES ART, she decided her family needed one of my paintings for their home. Andrea had just the spot in mind for it, above her baby grand piano.
She knew exactly what she wanted! She envisioned an aspen painting with vibrant spring flowers with the Twin Peaks mountains in the background. 

“Could you include the Twin Peaks in our painting?” she asked.

Sure! I told her. “No problem. That will be really cool.” (I love adding anything meaningful to my client’s paintings.)

She sent me several photos from their hikes, and I was blown away. Her photos were stunning! They were just begging to be painted! One even had a tiny trail peeking out of the flowers. Yes please!
“One more thing,” Andrea said. “Could you also add a “floating tree” to our painting?” 

I was confused.  She explained, 

“There’s this strange tree that has no trunk. It literally is “floating” in the air. It must have broken off in a storm years ago, but it’s just hanging there by it’s branches. It’s a landmark for us when we hike…and it would be super cool for the kids if you could add it to the painting.

“Of course!” I said immediately. A tree without a trunk would definitely be a first for me! But I couldn’t definitely add it to her painting.

(I can truly add anything my collectors want!)
The day I finished the painting, was the day their oldest daughter was getting married. A couple of hundred guests would soon be arriving at their home for the reception. 

We hurried over to hang the piece. Once “Morning Trail” was on the wall, we took a step back, and a whoosh of energy filled the room! Bam! It was like the room had been waiting for this very piece…and now it was complete. 

The family was thrilled.

But they couldn’t waste much time gawking at it because the wedding guests were starting to arrive….
It wasn’t until the next morning that I got this text from Andrea:

“Just a quick text to tell you how much I love walking past “Morning Trail” every time!”

That made my day! 

It truly is a pleasure painting for friends and collectors like you...

Artistically yours,

P.S. If you have a commission idea in mind, let me know! 
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It wasn’t until the next morning that I got this text from Andrea:

“Just a quick text to tell you how much I love walking past “Morning Trail” every time!”

That made my day! 

It’s truly a pleasure painting for friends and collectors like you.

Artistically yours,

Dear Collector,

The prices on my Original Paintings will be going up again on November 1, 2019 

Some of you might remember meeting me decades ago, in the very beginning of my art career when I was fresh out of college, living in San Francisco. 

For some of you, we met later at an art show in Scottsdale, AZ, or through an Art Gallery. And for others, through my website or Facebook. 

Whatever the connection, I have been blessed with amazing collectors throughout the years....

Because of the price increase in 2018, if you own an original painting (or Giclée), please request an updated Certificate of Value for your records, insurance purposes, etc.  I will send this to you for FREE.

Artistically yours,

Jennifer Vranes
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