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Each Week, I spotlight a different Collector, and share their story behind why they commissioned their painting…and where it hangs in their home!
These Are Your Stories... 
At last... after 3 years and a 19 hour drive, they finally found what they were looking for!
There they were. Standing in their living room, looking at a blank wall. 

Jill and Howie had sold their big family home to downsize for a smaller one on a golf course. They are both avid golfers so this was a dream come true for them. After 3 years of remodeling, it was finally just how they wanted it...


The thing is, the house was complete, all except for that one wall! They’d been struggling with what to put there. It was to be the focal point of the room, and they didn't want to hang just anything up. It needed to be special and “right" for the space.

The big problem was that with the other artwork in their home, there was a connection…a story behind it. It meant something to them. That’s what they were looking for this wall. And for the past 3 years, they hadn’t found anything that really spoke to them.  

Then, she got an idea…

Jill decided to do a search online. She knew she wanted a painting with birch or aspen trees and maybe a lake—but something of nature…so she googled “Aspen Art."

You know what happened -- up popped the paintings of "Jennifer Vranes!" She was intrigued. She could tell I was an artist who loved painting birch trees! 

Instantly it became crystal clear that this was the kind of art she wanted for her living room wall! This was what she had been searching for, and her husband Howie agreed. 

She decided to contact me about a commission. This was a big deal. They’d been waiting for 3 years to put a piece of art up on that wall, and they didn’t want to make a mistake. 

So she sent me an email asking me for more information on my birch tree paintings, and if there were any galleries near Vancouver BC where they could see my work first hand. 

In one of her emails she said,"I love your work, but I need to see it ‘live’ before I can commit to it."

A road trip from Vancouver BC to Southern Oregon was soon in the works. Bad weather was coming, so they couldn't delay much longer…so we arranged an available weekend where we could meet up at my art studio. 

They went on a road trip, driving 19 hours round trip just to meet me.

When they got to my art studio, I gave them the tour, and showed them my art and painting process. Then we sat down to look through my portfolio.

There was one painting in particular that jumped out at them. They loved it immediately. And when I mentioned that I could customize it even more by incorporating their own photos into the painting, it was a done deal.  I superimposed the ideas from the photos they sent me, and we decided that a 40" x 80" would be the perfect size!

I ordered the canvas, and then got to work!

Once the painting was completed and approved (I sent them photos and a video), I returned the favor by driving the painting up to Canada, to personally hang it on their wall!

I wanted to see where it was going to hang... (and it was a great excuse to see Vancouver for the first time!)

When I arrived at their home, I could tell they were both nervous as I unloaded and unpacked their painting. They hadn't seen it in person yet, and the anticipation was killing them! They were so excited!

When they finally saw it for the first time, their reaction was priceless!
So before I hung it on the wall, I had one more surprise for them: I let them title their new piece -- asking them what it meant to them

They titled it “Content." :)
The painting was hung on the wall, and we all stepped back...
Jill stood there quietly gazing at her painting and what she said next is something I will always remember:

"It’s amazing. It suits the house and it suits us.... This isn’t just a picture that we saw and bought. I’m so glad we came down to your studio and connected with you and saw your work and we just like you so much and it’s such a special piece for us to have. And not only that but it’s a place we love, but knowing that it was painted by someone we feel so connected to, makes it even more special.”

And that's why I'm so excited to share this story with you, so you can get the painting you've been thinking about, too!
It’s easier than you think to commission your very own special painting! 
  • ​Have a photo you like, or something specific in mind? I can definitely paint it for you. You can also check out my website for ideas ( and choose something there. I can re-create a similar version in any size, big or small, you need! Not sure what you want? Email me a photo of your wall, and I’ll superimpose a few painting ideas and sizes directly onto your wall! 
  • After the painting is decided, a Half deposit is placed via any credit card you wish. I then begin working on your painting! Usually takes about 4-5 weeks to complete a painting. 
  • After the painting is finished, I’ll email you photos for your approval. Once approved, I'll ship you the piece (usually via FedEx) and send you a tracking number. Your painting will arrive with a wire on the back, ready to hang on your wall!
And that’s it! See how easy commissioning a painting is? 

I’m so excited to get you something truly special that you and your family will enjoy forever!
Artistically yours,
You want to hang it.... where?
“Jen, we want to commission you to do a painting for us...but we don’t have any wall space left.” 

It was opening night of a 10-week art show in Scottsdale, AZ where I met Todd and Deborah Ulan. They had walked around the show, looking at all of the artwork, and had circled back to my studio.

See, I was used to hearing those words from my collectors, but her next sentence caught me by surprise...

“Have you ever hung art on a ceiling?”

Trying not to look too surprised, I replied that I hadn’t, but that she could be the first!

“Well, what’s the biggest you could do?"

I knew that she had found the right artist!

...And that was the beginning of my FIRST ceiling commission.
Turns out, the size needed to be 8’ x 7’. We agreed an “upwards” vantage point would be really cool for a vaulted ceiling painting—like you’re looking up through the tree branches while sitting on the couch. 

Can’t you just imagine it?
It took two months to complete, and I painted it while at the show so that Deborah and Todd could come visit their baby every week, and watch its progress.
You may not need a painting for your ceiling…but maybe you’ve wondered how one goes about commissioning an artist to paint a specific piece for you...
I can’t wait to bring some color and happiness to your walls! 

Artistically yours,

Jen Vranes
Serendipity..... sometimes, it's just "Meant to Be!"
While in UT this past weekend, I planned a brief visit to stop by Park City to visit my Gallery (Lunds Fine Art) and to drop off a few new pieces. We had a wonderful visit with Liz (the Gallery Rep) who is amazing! 

She mentioned that collectors constantly come in asking about me, talking about my work, saying they have seen me in other parts of the country. They love looking at new works, hoping to add to their collections.

On this particular day, a local collector of mine had come by earlier in the day, to show some of my other paintings to his Sister. Liz was telling us about this, and she offered to give him a call to see if he was still in town. Maybe we could all meet up?
About 2 min later, I heard the front door open, and in walked a man I had never met before. The gallery rep got really excited; started jumping up and down in fact. “Paul! This is the Artist Jennifer Vranes!

He looked very surprised. (He hadn't heard the voicemail. He was around the corner when Liz had called, so he just swung by the gallery).

Then he too got excitedTurns out, this is the same Paul who commissioned a tall 9'6 original monochromatic painting for his rock fireplace last year. 
I remember that painting well. I had to use scaffolding to paint it. 

I added chunks of color to the knobs of the trees. It was so fun to paint.
Paul and his Sister Wendy invited my husband and I to dinner, and we had an incredible time getting to know one another over the best Sushi we’d ever had. How does Park City have such amazing sushi? 🍣
The truth is, there is always an incredible bond between me and the lovely people who collect my art

It’s indescribable! 

There’s always an instant connection
After dinner, we went to his house to see the painting. I was blown away. Even though I had created this huge painting, I hadn’t known where it had ended up! 

Seeing it living high up on a wall, in its perfect setting, was such a treat for me! 

The whole night had an air of serendipity. Had I been at the gallery even 5 min before I would have missed meeting Paul and Wendy. 

What a night! 
P.S. If you have a commission idea in mind, let me know! 
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The Birth of "The 4 Seasons Collection"
This is a Collector Spotlight that I've been dying to share!!

Let me tell you a story....

The 4 Seasons concept started with an email from a soon-to-be collector, Jon Stowe...

He had bought a lake home a couple of years before, and had spent months remodeling it. There was a long wall in the formal dining room where 4 mirrors had previously hung, so it was divided up into 4 sections.

He thought it would be perfect to hang 4 pieces of art, each showing one of the seasons. It would make the divided wall look intentional, and bring it all together! 

Jon Googled "Aspen Tree Art" and guess who popped up?! 

He sent me an email, seeing if I had any prints available.

Now, I have always enjoyed painting the different seasons…. and I loved the concept! However, I didn’t have FOUR of the Seasons available in Giclée Prints...

I was just about to email him back the bad news, but right before I pressed SEND, I decided to take one last look through my Giclées...

(I have over 150 Giclées in my catalog, so it took more than a few minutes!)

I was delighted to discover that I had painted a certain scene THREE times, in each of the different seasons, with nearly the same exact tree formations. This landscape came from my own imagination, and by SHEER INSPIRATION had created it in a Spring, Summer and Fall! The only one missing was Winter. I couldn’t believe it!

I wrote Jon back, explaining that YES, I could give him the 4 seasons, but I would just have to paint an original of Winter first…(more on that later. That is a story in itself!)

He was thrilled!

Jon ordered the new 4 Seasons Giclées, and after hanging them in his formal dining room, he sent me some photos of the room with this note…

“Jen, attached is a photo of our lake home dining room with your magnificent paintings. They have added a real WOW factor to the room and everyone who has seen them is impressed with both the paintings and the story behind them. Thank you so much!” 
— Jon S.

His dining room turned out so cool! I was thrilled with how it worked out! And now, I have 4 Seasons that I can offer to YOU! 

What’s your favorite season??? Why choose, when you can have ALL FOUR!


P.S. If you would like to experience "The 4 Seasons Collection"
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Jen and Andrea - Morning Trail Aspen Painting
Here’s the story of how “Morning Trail” ended up in the Thurman Family’s piano room.
Blake and Andrea (and their 4 children) are all lovers of the outdoors. They are avid joggers, hikers, and enjoy being out in nature. There is a special spot near Jackson Hole that they love to visit as a family. Overlooking their cabin in Grover, Wyoming, is a beautiful mountain range known as Twin Peaks. 

Andrea has loved my art for many years. She taught piano lessons to my youngest every week and would see me working on paintings in my studio. She would usually visit for a few minutes after each lesson. 

And since she LOVES ART, she decided her family needed one of my paintings for their home. Andrea had just the spot in mind for it, above her baby grand piano.
She knew exactly what she wanted! She envisioned an aspen painting with vibrant spring flowers with the Twin Peaks mountains in the background. 

“Could you include the Twin Peaks in our painting?” she asked.

Sure! I told her. “No problem. That will be really cool.” (I love adding anything meaningful to my client’s paintings.)

She sent me several photos from their hikes, and I was blown away. Her photos were stunning! They were just begging to be painted! One even had a tiny trail peeking out of the flowers. Yes please!
“One more thing,” Andrea said. “Could you also add a “floating tree” to our painting?” 

I was confused.  She explained, 

“There’s this strange tree that has no trunk. It literally is “floating” in the air. It must have broken off in a storm years ago, but it’s just hanging there by it’s branches. It’s a landmark for us when we hike…and it would be super cool for the kids if you could add it to the painting.

“Of course!” I said immediately. A tree without a trunk would definitely be a first for me! But I couldn’t definitely add it to her painting.

(I can truly add anything my collectors want!)
The day I finished the painting, was the day their oldest daughter was getting married. A couple of hundred guests would soon be arriving at their home for the reception. 

We hurried over to hang the piece. Once “Morning Trail” was on the wall, we took a step back, and a whoosh of energy filled the room! Bam! It was like the room had been waiting for this very piece…and now it was complete. 

The family was thrilled.

But they couldn’t waste much time gawking at it because the wedding guests were starting to arrive….
It wasn’t until the next morning that I got this text from Andrea:

“Just a quick text to tell you how much I love walking past “Morning Trail” every time!”

That made my day! 

It truly is a pleasure painting for friends and collectors like you...

Artistically yours,

P.S. If you have a commission idea in mind, let me know! 
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