I will custom make you a special painting in any size you need!
Jennifer Vranes
Landscape Artist
have you thought about commissioning a painting, but don't know where to start? 
It’s easier than you think to commission your very own special painting! 
  • ​Have a photo you like, or something specific in mind? I can definitely paint it for you. You can also check out my website for ideas (JensArt.com) and choose something there. I can re-create a similar version in any size, big or small, you need! Not sure what you want? Email me a photo of your wall, and I’ll superimpose a few painting ideas and sizes directly onto your wall! 
  • After the painting is decided, a Half deposit is placed via any credit card you wish. I then begin working on your painting! Usually takes about 4-5 weeks to complete a painting. 
  • After the painting is finished, I’ll email you photos for your approval. Once approved, I'll ship you the piece (usually via FedEx) and send you a tracking number. Your painting will arrive with a wire on the back, ready to hang on your wall!
And that’s it! See how easy commissioning a painting is? 

I’m so excited to get you something truly special that you and your family will enjoy forever!
Artistically yours,
You can also visit JensArt.com 
or call: 541-291-9781
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Palette Knife
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Video of the creation process
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Amazing Aspen Painting
At last... after 3 years and a 19 hour drive, they finally found what they were looking for!
There they were. Standing in their living room, looking at a blank wall. 

Jill and Howie had sold their big family home to downsize for a smaller one on a golf course. They are both avid golfers so this was a dream come true for them. After 3 years of remodeling, it was finally just how they wanted it...


The thing is, the house was complete, all except for that one wall! They’d been struggling with what to put there. It was to be the focal point of the room, and they didn't want to hang just anything up. It needed to be special and “right" for the space.

The big problem was that with the other artwork in their home, there was a connection…a story behind it. It meant something to them. That’s what they were looking for this wall. And for the past 3 years, they hadn’t found anything that really spoke to them.  

Then, she got an idea…

Jill decided to do a search online. She knew she wanted a painting with birch or aspen trees and maybe a lake—but something of nature…so she googled “Aspen Art."

You know what happened -- up popped the paintings of "Jennifer Vranes!" She was intrigued. She could tell I was an artist who loved painting birch trees! 

Instantly it became crystal clear that this was the kind of art she wanted for her living room wall! This was what she had been searching for, and her husband Howie agreed. 

She decided to contact me about a commission. This was a big deal. They’d been waiting for 3 years to put a piece of art up on that wall, and they didn’t want to make a mistake. 

So she sent me an email asking me for more information on my birch tree paintings, and if there were any galleries near Vancouver BC where they could see my work first hand. 

In one of her emails she said,"I love your work, but I need to see it ‘live’ before I can commit to it."

A road trip from Vancouver BC to Southern Oregon was soon in the works. Bad weather was coming, so they couldn't delay much longer…so we arranged an available weekend where we could meet up at my art studio. 

They went on a road trip, driving 19 hours round trip just to meet me.

When they got to my art studio, I gave them the tour, and showed them my art and painting process. Then we sat down to look through my portfolio.

There was one painting in particular that jumped out at them. They loved it immediately. And when I mentioned that I could customize it even more by incorporating their own photos into the painting, it was a done deal.  I superimposed the ideas from the photos they sent me, and we decided that a 40" x 80" would be the perfect size!

I ordered the canvas, and then got to work!

Once the painting was completed and approved (I sent them photos and a video), I returned the favor by driving the painting up to Canada, to personally hang it on their wall!

I wanted to see where it was going to hang... (and it was a great excuse to see Vancouver for the first time!)

When I arrived at their home, I could tell they were both nervous as I unloaded and unpacked their painting. They hadn't seen it in person yet, and the anticipation was killing them! They were so excited!

When they finally saw it for the first time, their reaction was priceless!
So before I hung it on the wall, I had one more surprise for them: I let them title their new piece -- asking them what it meant to them

They titled it “Content." :)
The painting was hung on the wall, and we all stepped back...
Jill stood there quietly gazing at her painting and what she said next is something I will always remember:

"It’s amazing. It suits the house and it suits us.... This isn’t just a picture that we saw and bought. I’m so glad we came down to your studio and connected with you and saw your work and we just like you so much and it’s such a special piece for us to have. And not only that but it’s a place we love, but knowing that it was painted by someone we feel so connected to, makes it even more special.”

And that's why I'm so excited to share this story with you, so you can get the painting you've been thinking about, too!
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