My Limited Editions prices Went Up on June 15 .... why is this good news for you?
Jennifer Vranes
Top Landscape Artist
"The paintings that are hardest to part with....the ones that are just a little more special....become my Giclées"  - J. Vranes
My Art Collectors,

Prices went up June 15

Some of you might remember meeting me decades ago, in the very beginning of my art career, when I was fresh out of college and living in San Francisco. 

For some of you, we met later at an art show in Scottsdale, AZ, or through an Art Gallery. And for others, through my website, Instagram, or Facebook

Whenever our connection, I have been blessed with amazing collectors throughout the years....

Because of this price increase, if you own a Signed Giclée Print, please request a new updated Certificate of Value for your records, insurance purposes, etc.  

I will send this to you for FREE.

Artistically yours,

Giclée Print
Request your updated Certificate of Value:
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